Weight is the main criterion when selecting the appropriate lifter. The weight of the luminaire plus the weight of any accessories must be taken into account. Never exceed the lifting capacity of the lifter.

Lowering Distance is the second most important criterion to consider. What is the distance from the Lifter attachment point to ground level?

Shape and design of the luminaire determines if a single suspension wire, dual suspension wire or multicontact lifter is required.

Dimming Requirements - Additional contacts for DALI or similar would require a multicontact lifter. In addition to the main lighting circuit additional auxiliary contacts are provided. Separate motor and lighting supply cables on some models (ML) allow dimming circuits, DALI or extra low voltage to be used independent of the motor supply.

Wireless Control and operation of the lifters and lights can be carried out via the hand held Remote Control Unit (RCU), Wireless Control Panel (WCP) or manually via the volt free control cable hard wired to a control panel (all items for this option are supplied and installed by others). Each lifter has its own integrated radio receiver with its own unique address. The RCU can control up to 1000 lifters and control each lifter individually or in groups. The functions are up / down, stop, light on / off and adjust the preset lowering distance.

Mounting accessories complete the range. Almost every application can be satisfied by a wide variety of fixing accessories and custom mounting brackets.