Access & maintain CCTV cameras in hard to reach areas with the CCTV Camera Lifter.

The CCTV Camera Lifters are based on the CSI-12M multicontact lifter, allowing equipment of up to 10kg's to be lowered a maximum of 15m. They are suitable for IP based camera installations that operate via Power Over Ethernet (POE). (See page 5 for full lifter specifications)

The Cat5e cable is used through the lifter and terminated onto 8 spring loaded contacts which break when the lifter lower cover assembly and camera are lowered for maintenance.

Incorporating an orientation guide the CSI-12M CCTV lifter lower cover will always return to the same orientation when raised to the home position. This gives the end user the flexibility of using Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) or fixed cameras.

Internal CCTV Lifter Housing
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External CCTV Lifter Housing
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