Reel Tech sells revolutionary maintenance solutions for lighting units. With this innovative technology, we are able to offer a World First in the form of a range of remote-controlled lifting systems for lighting units. This range delivers entirely new possibilities in terms of safety, cost-effectiveness and simplicity.

In order to establish itself as a developer and producer in this highly competitive market, Reel Tech set itself two fundamental challenges to become the world’s best manufacturer of these lifting systems:

The foremost of these is to manufacture products of the highest quality. We combine this with peace of mind for our customers, achieved through our commitment to ceaseless research and further development of new technologies in this field.

Patents and certificates, and the accolade bestowed on our product – that of ‘Excellent Product’ by the Public Procurement Service Korea – confirm that we are steering the right course towards success.

With the help of Reel Tech, lights and lamps of any kind and size can be raised and lowered at the touch of a button.

Can control with remote control or wireless panel control up to 1,000 lifters and lighting fixtures by single remote control over 100m control distance.
Easy Install Method
Lifter has a centre of gravity, so it’s easily installed by hanger hooks.
Save Time
No need to wait for professionals or short down time for maintenance.
Save Money
Save costs on renting lifting equipment for maintenance.
Saving energy
Reel Tech allows you to switch off individual lighting units or entire groups in an energy-saving, quick and easy way using remote control.
High Load Capacity
Systems are available for loads ranging from 3kg to 500kg.
Quality Assured
CTick and AS/NZS 3100 approvals. International Approvals.
Reduce Danger
No working at heights accidents during maintenance.
Eliminate Electric Shocks
No electric current during maintenance. No risk of an electric shock.
No Heavy Equipment
Save costs on renting lifting equipment for maintenance.